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Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (PNGTS) is a high-capacity, high-pressure interstate natural gas pipeline which began serving New England's growing energy needs on March 10, 1999. Connecting the TransQuebec and Maritimes Pipeline (owned by TransCanada Pipelines Limited and Gaz Metro) at the Canadian border and the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline at Westbrook, ME (owned by Spectra Energy Partners, ExxonMobil and Emera, Inc.) with the Tennessee Gas Pipeline System (owned by Kinder Morgan, Inc.) near Boston, MA, PNGTS is strategically situated between three major pipeline networks as follows:

PNGTS North - Section Facilities - (owner and operator)

  • PNGTS Mainline 143.8-miles of 24-inch diameter pipe from an interconnect with the TQM Pipeline near Pittsburg, NH to Westbrook, ME
  • Groveton Lateral 0.7-miles of 8-inch diameter pipe in Groveton, NH
  • Rumford Lateral 26.9-miles of 12-inch diameter pipe from Albany Township, ME to Rumford, ME
  • Jay Lateral 16.6-miles of 12-inch diameter pipe from Rumford, ME to Jay, ME
  • 168,000 Mcf/day of capacity from Pittsburg, NH to Westbrook, ME

PNGTS/M&N Joint Facilities - (part owner)

  • Joint Mainline 101.3-miles of 30-inch diameter pipe from Westbrook, ME to Dracut, MA
  • Westbrook Lateral 3.8-miles of 12-inch diameter pipe in Westbrook, ME
  • Newington Lateral 0.8-miles of 16-inch diameter pipe in Newington, NH
  • Haverhill Lateral 1.1-miles of 20-inch diameter pipe in Haverhill, MA
  • 168,000 Mcf/day of capacity from Westbrook, ME to Dracut, MA

PNGTS provides significant opportunities for the region's growing energy market which previously had limited access to natural gas. PNGTS is well-positioned to seize market opportunities created by the restructuring of the gas and electric industries, and has services to meet the specific energy needs of our customers.

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Natural gas is a fossil fuel extracted from wells drilled down to gas deposits. It is primarily composed of methane, a simple, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and lighter-than-air gas composed of one carbon and four hydrogen atoms (CH4). Because of its chemical composition, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel with principal products of combustion being carbon dioxide and water. Other interesting facts about natural gas include:

  • Natural gas is America's most widely used heating fuel;
  • Natural gas burns cleaner than many other traditional fossil fuels, and is increasingly being used in combination with other fossil fuels to improve environmental performance and decrease pollution;
  • Natural gas is transported almost entirely through underground pipelines;
  • PNGTS adds a distinctive chemical odorant to natural gas being transported through its pipeline, as a safety feature. This allows the early identification of a gas leak well before it could become a dangerous situation.

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